About Us

Tennille Gonzales, owner and lead instructor of Time is Precious Certifications, LLC. in Las Cruces, NM.  I have been a Registered Nurse since 2008 and I am a Certified Professional in Patient Safety.

Ten of my almost 12 years as a nurse were spent working in an Adult Intensive Care Unit. I also have experience in Long Term Care and spent some time at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. I began as a bedside nurse and transitioned to being a Team Leader, Manager, and Director. Even though I absolutely loved my job I found myself with less and less time for what matters most; family.

In order to make more time for my family, I returned to a bedside staff nurse position in the ICU. I also began teaching one of my other forgotten passions: a de-escalation/self-defense course. In addition, I began giving time as a subject matter expert teaching new nurses.

I resurrected my passion for orienting new nurses and helping them learn how to truly care for their patients.   I absolutely love learning, teaching and above all spending time with my family.

Time is Precious and it is very important for me to find every spare minute and give that time back to my family. My goal in creating Time is Precious is to combine all the things I love.

I want to teach our community members and healthcare workers to be prepared and not only get a certification but to gain knowledge and confidence to care for people in need.

My goal is to prepare you efficiently and effectively so that you can recoup some of your lost minutes and give them back to whatever is most precious in your life.

Time is Precious Certifications, LLC. –Tennille Gonzales